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Upcoming Events

4/25 : Storytime  6:30PM

4/26:  Storytime 10:00 or 11:15AM

4/28:  Coloring Club for adults  5:30PM (registration encouraged)

4/28 : Coloring Club for students grades 8-12 5:30PM
(registration encouraged)

5/5 : Thursday Night Flicks : a movie night for grown ups

The Revenant 5:30PM

5/12 : Teen Movie Night : a movie night for grades 8-12

The Fifth Wave 6:00PM


Mr Dave's Juvenile Fiction Pick of the Month

A Night Divided

By : Jennifer Nielsen

A great look at post-World War II Germany!  The Berlin Wall is up and it is dividing families.  The Stasi are around each corner, placing listening devices in homes, and wreaking havoc on anyone who speaks out.  Follow Gerta and Fritz as they attempt to reunite their family.  A thrilling adventure recommended for grades 5-8, but a great read for adults who love history!

Do you have things you want to sell?
Bring them to the Tomah Public Library's 2nd Annual Garage Sale...
1. Rent a table from us for $20.00
2. Bring your sale items
3. The Garage sale will run Friday and Saturday May 06 and 07
Call the Tomah Library 374-7470 for rules and details....

The Revenant

When : Thursday, May 5th 5:30pm

Where : Tomah Public Library

The Tomah Public Library will host their 2nd Annual Garage sale at the Tomah Fairgrounds on May 06 and 07 at 8am..We will have MANY, MANY books for sale. Tell your friends..

Use your library card and start downloading ebooks! Visit the Wisconsin Digital Library today!  Check out magazines, books, audiobooks, stream movies, and much more.  Head over to the Overdrive Help Page.  Check out the incredibly helpful videos for your specific device.


for Adults:

Join us as we set aside an hour and a half for adults to color.  We will provide coloring sheets and coloring materials, but feel free to bring your own!

Registration is encouraged so we can make sure that we have enough supplies on hand!  Register at the downstairs desk, or call us at (608) 374-7470

When : Thursday, April 28th at 5:30PM

Where : Tomah Public Library


Embracing the Past  --  Creating the Future

The Wellspring of Knowledge fountain is being built to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Tomah Public Library. 

The fountain will:

-Symbolize our commitment to our community

-Attract visitors to the library and downtown

-Increase the beauty of Tomah


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